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What Is Island Questaway?

Island Questaway is an action-adventure game set in a mysterious island paradise. Released in 2021, the game challenges players to explore the island, solve puzzles, and advance through the story. Players are tasked with unlocking the secrets of the island and will experience a variety of challenges and surprises along the way. The game features stunning visuals, a vibrant soundtrack, and a captivating storyline.

How To Restart Island Questaway

Restarting a game can be a tricky process, especially when it comes to Island Questaway. In order to restart the game, players will need to delete the saved game data from the device they are playing on. This can be done by accessing the device’s settings and then navigating to the ‘Application Manager’. From here, players can select the Island Questaway application and delete the saved data. After the data has been deleted, the game can be restarted from the beginning.

Understanding the Storyline

The Island Questaway storyline is centered around an ancient artifact known as the ‘Soul Stone’. The stone was formed when the gods themselves descended to the island, and it is said to possess the power to grant immortality. Players must explore the island, solve puzzles, and battle enemies in order to uncover the secrets of the Soul Stone. Along the way, players will discover the island’s hidden past and the true nature of the artifact.

Using the Map to Navigate

One of the most important elements of Island Questaway is the in-game map. The map serves as a guide to the island and will help players to progress through the game. The map is divided into a number of distinct regions, and each region has its own set of puzzles and challenges. By using the map, players can track their progress and plan their strategy.


Island Questaway is an engaging and captivating action-adventure game that offers players a unique and thrilling experience. Those looking to restart the game will need to delete their saved data and start again from the beginning. Understanding the storyline and using the in-game map are both essential for making progress. With its stunning visuals, vibrant soundtrack, and captivating storyline, Island Questaway is sure to provide hours of entertainment.