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What is The Sapling Network?

The Sapling Network is and always will be a community-driven website that brings all of the latest news about SEED.

I also want to write about SEED and everything that relates to SEED, is this possible?

You are more than welcome! We are looking for people that want to write about stuff that happens in the community of SEED. But also about the idea’s behind SEED.

How can I get in touch?

There are three ways to get in touch; send me a DM via discord (Staticsprite#1670), send a DM through The Sapling Network Twitter or send an e-mail (

Images on The Sapling Network

Almost all images on TSN are being made by the awesome developers at Klang, the game studio behind SEED. If the images are from a different source it will be noted under the images. If you want to see more images visit the SEED discord!