Catching Rare & Legendary Fish in Cats and Soup: Working Way

In this funny, quirky game you’ll find all kinds of fish. Some are common and can be caught anywhere, while others are rare and found in specific locations at specific times of day. For example, there is a special kind of fish called the legendary fish that only appears under very unique conditions.

Where do you find them and how can you catch them? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the rare and legendary fish in Cats and Soup!

How to Get Fish in Cats and Soup?

To get fish, there are 2 ways: You can either try your luck and hope to receive them as gifts or you can catch them yourself by building a fishing pond or ground.

If you’re lucky, you may receive fish as gifts from other players or from completing certain tasks within the game. However, relying on luck alone is not a reliable way to obtain fish, so it’s recommended to build a fishing pond to catch them yourself.

There are 24 different types of fish in Cats and Soup, ranging from Minnow to Callanthias. Each fish has a different star rating, with more stars indicating a higher value. If you catch a valuable fish, you can sell it for a profit, fed to your cat to increase their happiness, or keep it for your collection.

How to Catch Fish in Cats and Soup?

If you want to catch fish, you’ll need to build a Fishing Pond. This facility costs 1000B gold and becomes available after you build the “Bulletin Board and Peeling Corns” facility. Once you have the fishing pond, you can start fishing.

To fish, you’ll need to have a fishing rod and bait. You start with five baits, and you’ll need to use them wisely because they take time to accumulate. When you’re ready to fish, tap on the fishing pond and wait for the fish to bite. You’ll feel a vibration when a fish takes the bait, so be ready to pull it out of the water.

When the fish caught by your bait, it’s important to pull it by tapping on the Fish icon. If you don’t tap the icon, you’ll lose it, and you’ll need to use another bait to catch a new one. It’s also important to remember that each bait takes 2 hours to accumulate, so use them wisely.

If you want to speed up the process of accumulating bait, you can use a special ticket. This ticket will allow you to accumulate bait more quickly, so you can catch more fish in a shorter amount of time. However, these tickets can be expensive, so use them wisely.

What are Rare Fish in Cats and Soup?

In Cats and Soup, rare fish breeds include Halibut, Bream, and Yellowtail, with a value determined by their star rating. Catching all three rare fish breeds earns a special order reward of +5%. Feeding fish to cats increases their happiness and dish prices, making it best to feed high-star cats. Storing rare fish in an aquarium is recommended, as selling them at the fishing pond is not worth it.

Rare fish are highly prized for their high value and the special rewards they offer. There are three breeds of rare fish in the game, including the Halibut, Bream, and Yellowtail.

Catching all three rare fish breeds will earn you a special order reward of +5%. The value of a fish is determined by its star rating, with more stars indicating a higher value. The Halibut is a green rare fish with a 10-star level, while the Bream is an orange rare fish with a 20-star level. The Yellowtail, despite its name, is a blue rare fish with a 25-star level.

Feeding fish to your cats is not only a way to increase their happiness but also improves their performance in cooking. Each time you feed a cat fish, they earn hearts, and the more hearts a cat has, the higher the price for all dishes that their station supplies. For example, if a cat with 3 hearts is placed in the carrot station, the price of the soup increases from +100f gold to +130f gold. If the cat has two stars and a matching carrot skill, the price can increase up to +260f gold.

It’s best to feed a lot of fish to cats with a higher star level as it increases the amount of money earned each time you upgrade the ingredient of the related station. However, keep in mind that this not only raises the price of carrot soup but all soups. If you want to store your rare fish for safekeeping, you can get an aquarium to display them until you find a cat to invest in.

While you can sell fish in the fishing pond, it’s not recommended as it’s much harder to get fish than gold. Instead, it’s best to focus on catching rare fish and feeding them to your cats to increase their happiness and earn more money. With patience and practice, you can catch all three rare fish breeds and create a valuable collection that will help you succeed in “Cats and Soup.”

How To Get Rare Fish In Cats And Soup?

To increase the chances of catching rare fish in Cats and Soup, try to get most of your cats to at least two hearts. Watching the fish movements can also help identify which ones are minnows and save bait. There’s a theory that the game counts the total number of hearts across all cats to increase the chance of catching rare fish, but it hasn’t been proven. Fishing movements seem to have a bigger impact on the fish caught.

If you’re looking to add some rare fish to your collection, there are a few fishing tips and tricks you can try.

Some veteran players have suggested that the number of hearts you have across all your cats may increase your chances of finding rare fish. To test this theory, try to get most of your cats to at least two hearts. While it hasn’t been proven, it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to increase your odds.

Another way to determine what type of fish is nibbling on your bait is by observing their movements. Most minnows will make a beeline towards the bait or hang around before jumping towards it. If you suspect it’s a minnow, you can pull your rod away before they completely bite and pull on the bait. This way, you won’t waste your bait on a common fish.

While it’s uncertain whether the total number of hearts affects your chances of catching rare fish, fishing movements do play a role. If a fish appears on screen and immediately moves towards your bait, it’s likely a minnow. On the other hand, if it hangs around before darting upwards towards the bait, it’s also likely a minnow. In either case, you can save your bait by pulling it out of the water while it’s still nibbling. This way, you can use it to catch a different fish.

It’s important to note that these tips are based on guesswork and have not been scientifically proven. However, they’re worth trying if you’re looking to catch rare fish in Cats and Soup. Additionally, some players have reported that minnows have larger shadows than other fish, so keeping an eye on the shadows may also be helpful.

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How to Get Legendary Fish in Cats and Soup?

Catching legendary fish in Cats and Soup is a matter of luck as it depends on the game’s random number generator. However, to increase your odds, it’s advisable to keep fishing and minimize the time you spend at max bait to always collect bait. Legendary fish can be caught at any time, so it’s essential to keep trying and be patient.

Keep in mind that these fish are rare. They are estimated to be around 0.5% of catches.

Remember: The legendary fishing rod doesn’t have any effect on your fishing chances. It’s just an accessory for your cats to wear, same with the matching hat and robe. Getting the outfit through fishing is less likely than catching a legendary fish.

What To Do With Legendary Fish?

Once you catch a Legendary fish, it’s best to save it for your aquarium, and watch your cats watch the fish swim in the tank.

You can permanently display your catches in the aquarium and earn recipe point bonuses based on the value of the fish.

However, there is a limit to how many of each type of fish can be displayed in the tank. It’s recommended to only feed high-value fish to your cats if the aquarium is already maxed out on that particular fish. For each type of legendary fish, you can only have 1 in your aquarium.

Final Words

In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about fish in the cats and soup game, including how to catch fish, where to find them, and how to get the rarest types. If you’re looking for a fun mobile game to play, cats and soup is the perfect choice. Whether you’re fishing for common types of fish or rarer species, you’ll always be guaranteed a smile whenever you open the app!

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