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🔑Do you need help getting keys to progress in Bermuda Adventures: Island Farm Games? 🤔 With the help of traders, quests, and gems, it’s possible to get the keys needed to open chests, allowing you to progress further in the game. In this article, we’ll look at the different ways to get keys, the rewards of getting keys, and how to use the keys to progress in the game.

How To Get Keys In Bermuda Adventures?

How To Get Keys In Bermuda Adventures: Keys can be obtained from the Gaspar Trader and from Took-Tooks. Additionally, gems can be purchased from the store and used to open chests. Blue chests require 30 gems and gold chests require 90 gems.

Trading with Traders

In Bermuda Adventures: Island Farm games, you can trade with the trader to obtain keys. The hot air balloon guy is one of the traders where you can obtain keys for chests. The only unique item Balloon Guy gives you is a key to open the blue chests around the island. The number of keys obtained from this trader may not be enough to progress in the game.

Quests and Rewards

You can also obtain keys from quest events. Popeye mentioned that some items can only be obtained inside chests which require a key that can only be obtained from this trader. Completing quests in the game can reward you with keys, so keep an eye out for any new quests that might pop up!

Gems and Chests

If you want to get more keys or acquire them faster, you can purchase gems and use them to open the chests. Blue chests require 30 gems, while gold chests require 90 gems.

Using Keys to Progress

In order to progress in the game, you will need to use the keys that you have acquired to open chests. These chests may contain items that you need to progress in the game. Some items may be necessary to complete certain tasks or unlock new areas, so make sure to keep track of all the keys you have obtained!


Q: How do I get keys, nets, onion, gloves?
A: You can get keys from the Gaspar Trader and from Took-Tooks. Nets and gloves are also given from Took-Tooks. Onion can be found in the grass.

Q: I’m stuck on sweets island. Can’t make anything “production levels reached ” cant open gate even though the “key” was made… now what? Only one day left to complete!
A: Make sure to complete all tasks in the area before the timer runs out. If you still can’t open the gate, try using a key that you have acquired from the trader or from a quest event.

Q: I’m stuck on monkey island – restored several and now everything is unreachable and I can’t figure out how to access it? Help please!!
A: Check to see if there are any locked areas that require a key. If so, you can use the key that you have obtained from the trader or from a quest event to unlock the area and progress further.

Q: How do I get rid of items from my inventory like sweet flowers? It won’t let me sell them like regular items.
A: Sweet flowers can’t be sold like regular items, but they can be used to craft items or to complete certain tasks. Try using them in a quest or in crafting an item to get rid of them from your inventory.

Q: This game is no good anymore!!! Just end it and move on. Why go back and play the same thing over and over? Wish I had known sooner. Can anyone recommend a game worth playing please?
A: If you’re looking for a game worth playing, there are a lot of great options out there. You can check out a variety of different genres such as adventure, puzzle, simulation, and more! 🤔


In conclusion, keys can be obtained from trading with traders, completing quests, and using gems to open chests. These keys can help you progress in the game and unlock new areas or items. Keep track of all the keys that you have acquired and use them wisely to get further in the game! 🔑

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