Zen Koi 2

Zen Koi 2 Cheats For Unlimited Pearls

It can be challenging to accumulate resources in a legal manner, which often leads players to give up and go to investing real money to move forward more quickly. The following are some of the cheats that can be used in Zen Koi 2:

Focus on Breeding: To ascend your Koi quickly, concentrate on breeding with other Koi. When you find potential mates, stay close to them and fill the circular bar to create an egg. You can either hatch it for pearls or let it unlock over time in your egg stash.

Fast Leveling: The quickest way to level up is by eating other fish in the pond. Tap on a fast fish to track it, allowing you to eat other fish continuously. This method significantly boosts your experience points and progression.

Pond Expansion: To unlock and collect different types of fish and level up faster, expand your pond. Craft various symbols to expand your pond’s size by tapping on the bubble icon in the lower right corner. This will reveal the crafting requirements for expansion.

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