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Travel Town Cheats & Tips To Get More Free Energy & Diamonds

Hey, Travel Town lovers! 🌟

Travel Town, the brainchild of Magmatic Games Ltd., is your ticket to a world of casual puzzle merges. But before you embark, make sure to consult our comprehensive Travel Town game guide.

We’ve covered all working Travel Town cheats, tips and tricks that’ll give you a bunch of energy and diamonds! There is even a secret loophole that can give you unlimited energy and diamonds. And yes, these methods are available for both iOS and Android users!

🏖️ To summary, our tricks will give you:

  • Finish all daily/weekly challenges without spending real money on diamonds or energy.
  • Level up as fast as you can.

Can’t wait? Grab our amazing hacks and start your journey now! 🏖️

How to cheat in Travel Town game?

Well, as far as we know, the original version of the game doesn’t include any real cheats, like cheat codes. If you want to cheat in this game, you have to use a third-party tool like a mod apk or generator.

The Travel Town mod only allows you to get unlimited energy (not diamonds), but you have to start the game again. And due to the new update, recent mod versions do not work.

The generator is a tool that exploits a loophole to generate diamonds and energy in one account, then sends these resources to your account as a gift. This is the best choice for cheating in Travel Town. We’ll discuss it later.

If you don’t want to use a third-party tool, you can still play with our tips and tricks. We’ll cover them below.

Auto Producer Storage Glitch

If you ever find yourself stuck with the problem of having a full board and wondering how to make space, don’t fret! This cool trick will help you tidy up your board in seconds. Here’s how it works:

  1. Ensure your board is full up space, and leave one spot for an Auto Producer.
  2. Pull out the Auto Producer from your storage (any Auto Producer will work, here I’m using the Coupon Book).
  3. Place the Auto Producer next to the item you want to store away.
  4. Sell the item and quickly unsell it.
  5. Since the space is now taken, the item now gets stored in your floating storage.


  • This trick only works for items you can sell or delete, not for toolboxes. However, you can use it on tools.
  • Anything you earn for your floating storage goes to the bottom, so you might need to scroll through items to find it.

It’s a handy trick for keeping your space organized! Give this cheat a try now and enjoy merging! 😊

Selling Item Trick

Tired of hardly completing daily challenges?

We know that most players almost at their daily coin goal, but they’re running low on energy and don’t want to using money or not have enough diamonds to buy more energy. Say no more! I’ve uncovered the ultimate gaming trick just for you.

Here’s how it works: Sell an item in-game, then hit undo. Voila! The game still counts the coins towards your daily goal, even though you haven’t actually earned any single money. Crazy, right 😱. It’s like a sneaky glitch that makes challenges a breeze! You can use this trick multiple times on any item on your board (only item can sell). You won’t actually get money, but the game still thinks you did.

I use this Travel Town cheat to complete daily challenges without spending real money or diamonds. It’s like my own in-game hack! This trick is gold when you’re only short a few hundred coins and have no energy left. It might not be as effective for crazy high goals over 100k (that’s a lot of deleting 🤣), but trust me, you can still rack up thousands of coins in a day if you’re up for it (just maybe don’t spend too much time, like I may have done!).

Feel free to try it out in your favorite game – I love using it in Travel Town. You’ll be smashing those challenges and getting coins like a pro in no time. Happy gaming!

Generator Tool

No, this isn’t an in-game item. It’s a third-party tool designed to help you win the game effortlessly! It exploits a secret loophole to generate the desired amount of energy and diamonds directly into your account. It’s 100% safe, easy to use, and completely free.

You can find this tool on our site. To get started, click the button below, then follow the instructions to access our tool. Choose the amount of energy and diamonds you want, then press Generate. Wait for the tool to complete generating and transfer them to your account.

After following all step, you will get diamonds and energy in your account.


Now that you know Travel Town game cheats and tips, here’s how to level up fast: focus on quests and achievements for experience points. Use your resources wisely to upgrade buildings and unlock new features. Whether you’re mastering merging or managing resources, success in Travel Town awaits!

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