Sunrise Village

In this guide, we’ve got a trick to help you grab loads of free energy in Sunrise Village. This cheat works on iPhones and Androids, so it’s good for any kind of phone. Ready to go?

6 Trick Ways to Get Free Energy in Sunrise Village

Unlock the Sweet Shop: Once you hit level five, you can construct the Sweet Shop. It lets you turn cherries, plums, peaches, or fruit medley into 15 energy points.

Get Fruits and Blue Energy Bottles: Find cherries, plums, and peaches by clearing places or opening crates, chests, and barrels. Also, spot blue energy bottles at locations. Tap to gather them and boost your energy.

Collect Mushrooms and Berries: Some spots have a campfire to make mushroom soup or berry syrup. Grabbing these adds 20 energy points to your bar.

Take Care of Animals: Animals like cows provide 12 energy points after making 24 bottles of milk. Use care packages to help them produce more for you.

Complete Quests: Quests offer extra energy. For instance, a Woodlands quest from Albert to find spider silk for fabric rewards you with 20 energy points.

Level Up and Build Friendships: As you level up, you get rewards, including energy. Bring village friends along to explore, strengthen your friendship, and earn energy points.

How to Cheat Sunrise Village to Get Unlimited Energy

If you choose to hack Sunrise Village, know that you are doing so at your own risk. Here are the only method we find that can give you unlimited energy for completely free:

Online Sunrise Village Generator: This is a third-party tool allowing you to get the amount of free energy you want in seconds. The process is very simple and easy. First, you need to give the tool your account ID. Then, choose the amount of energy you want and click Generate button. Finally, the tool will send that amount of energy to your account based on your ID.

You can use this cheat tool by press the button below.

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  1. Merci pour toutes vos infos.
    C’est très utiles, quelques codes “triche” pour avancer dans le jeu sans avoir à ouvrir son porte-monnaie.

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