Magic Rush

Magic Rush! is the place to be if you’re eager for a truly exceptional gaming experience. In this game, you’ll enter a fantastical world where heroic missions and devastating merges await.

We know you want to rush through the game, reach the next level, and defeat the game’s mind-bending challenges. That’s where we come in, with the Holy Grail of game-changing strategies and secrets! 💡🚀

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Unleash The Magic: A Comprehensive Magic Rush Adventure!

In a kingdom on the brink of war, you are the chosen defender. Assemble a team of mighty heroes, each with unique skills, and lead them into thrilling real-time battles. From precise skill-aiming to tower defense, this game has it all. Unite with players from around the world to conquer enemies and become the dominant alliance.📜 

Magic Rush gameplay

Magic Rush is perfect for gamers who crave adventure, strategy, and excitement all in one. It’s a revolutionary blend of genres, letting you manually control your hero’s moves and combine their powers in creative ways. Weekly updates and events keep the game fresh.🎮 

If you’re a fan of strategy and action, Magic Rush is your kingdom. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro gamer, the game offers a unique blend of gameplay to keep you hooked.👦👧 Ready to become the ultimate defender? Keep reading for valuable game strategy tips and tricks to level up your game! 🚀🗡️✨

Mastering The Game

Strengthen Your Heroes with Runes: Equip your heroes with runes to level up and gain new combat skills. Once you run out of runes, hit “Advance” to promote your heroes. Keep searching for runes – the equipment screen can help you locate them.

Revisit Low-Rated Levels: Replay levels with 3 stars or less to earn extra experience, runes, and elixir. It costs stamina, but the rewards will aid your progress. Sweep multiple levels to gather various runes.

Connect to Facebook: Link your game to Facebook for awesome rewards. Friends can send you stamina, and recruiting new players leads to fantastic bonuses.

Pay Attention to Special Tasks: In Tower Defense levels, position your tank strategically to protect your heroes. For combat levels, create a balanced team with tank, support, mage, cannon, and marksman.

Use Your Free Wishes: Visit the wishing pool to open gold chests daily for heroes, runes, and boosters. Diamond chests, available every two days, contain rare items.

Complete Achievements and Quests: Keep an eye on achievements and quests for rewards that enhance your heroes and leveling progress.

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Diamond Delights: The Premium Resource

Magic Rush diamonds

Is Diamond Really Necessary?

You can buy diamonds with real money and use them to get things in the game. As you buy more of them (getting them doesn’t count), your “VIP” level will go up. This will let you access more things that will help you improve your character more than someone with a lower VIP level.

How To Get Free Diamonds?

Sand Arena Showdowns: The arena is your diamond treasure trove. Aim for higher ranks to rake in more diamonds.

Arena Store Strategy: Invest in Jacob early on from the arena store to boost your hero roster.

Monster Rally Riches: Join level 5 monster rallies for a gold windfall. You might even snag a treasure chest filled with valuable goodies.

Academy Power-Ups: Enhance hero attributes through the academy. Keep evolving technology for bulk resources and consider raiding weaker castles for extra riches.

Alliance Alliances: Join an alliance and stay active. Utilize the alliance store, especially for daily essence of the shadows.

Crusading for Coins: Island Crusade is your coin mine. Spend those coins on precious Blaine gems.

Testing the Ground: The Test Ground offers quick gold and experience boosts.

Abyssal Adventures: Seek gems in the Treasure of the Abyss and discover advanced runes or legendary hero Gerber’s gems in its store.

Dungeon Dives: Explore the Crystal Dungeon for hero equipment and shadow essence to enhance your gear.

Unlocking Infinite Diamonds: The Ultimate Secret Cheat

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Available Cheats

  • Sneaky Arena Strategies
  • Crafty Monster Raid Techniques
  • Covert Alliance Hacks

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How It Works

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Magic Rush Diamond Generator for Android/iOS

Updated on May 27, 2024


We’ve shown you the best Magic Rush tricks and strategies to help you win. Now that you have those free gems and know some good tips and tricks, you can beat games like a pro. Take short-cuts, get power, and watch your heroes fly. With our help, you can get good at Magic Rush. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure where you will definitely win. Gamer, get ready, and start the magic!

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