Merge Mayor – A Chainsaw

? Are you ready to level up your gardening game? ?? In Merge Mayor, the ultimate question is: how can you make a powerful Chainsaw? ?? This article will guide you through the exciting merge chain that will lead you to the coveted Chainsaw Level 14. We’ll explore the various gardening tools you need to merge, where to find them, and the step-by-step process to create your very own Chainsaw. Get ready to unleash your inner lumberjack and take your garden to new heights! ?✂️?

How To Make A Chainsaw In Merge Mayor?

How To Make A Chainsaw In Merge Mayor: To make a chainsaw in Merge Mayor, you need to merge gardening tools starting from the garden knife and progressing through various tools like pruning shears, axe, shovel, and more until you reach the chainsaw at level 14.

Obtain Gardening Tools from various sources

To obtain Gardening Tools, you have multiple options. The primary source for these tools is Gardening Toolboxes, where they have a chance to drop. You can find Gardening Toolboxes in various locations, such as the Garden, Park, or even from visiting friends’ gardens. Additionally, you can also find Gardening Tools from Simple Brown Boxes, Green Boxes, and of course, the Shop.

When opening these boxes or purchasing from the Shop, you might obtain different levels of Gardening Tools. Starting from level 1 with the Garden Knife, you can gradually collect higher-level tools as you progress. Each level of Gardening Tools will be essential in the merging process to obtain a Chainsaw at level 14.

Merge Gardening Tools to reach level 14

To obtain a Chainsaw at level 14, you need to merge the different levels of Gardening Tools. The merging process involves combining two identical tools to create a new tool at the next level. Here is the complete merging chain:

1. Garden Knife
2. Garden Fork
3. Pruning Shears
4. Axe
5. Spade
6. Knife
7. Leaf Rake
8. Hedge Shears
9. Wheelbarrow
10. Saw
11. Shovel
12. Soil Rake
13. Hoe
14. Chainsaw

Each step in the merging chain will require you to have two identical tools of the previous level. For example, to merge a Garden Fork (level 2), you will need two Garden Knives (level 1). This process continues until you reach the final step of obtaining a Chainsaw at level 14.

Combine specific items in the Gardening Tools chain

To successfully complete the Gardening Tools merging chain, you need to ensure you have the specific items required for each level. Here is a breakdown of the specific items needed for each level:

Level 1: Garden Knife
Level 2: Garden Fork
Level 3: Pruning Shears
Level 4: Axe
Level 5: Spade
Level 6: Knife
Level 7: Leaf Rake
Level 8: Hedge Shears
Level 9: Wheelbarrow
Level 10: Saw
Level 11: Shovel
Level 12: Soil Rake
Level 13: Hoe
Level 14: Chainsaw

By merging the specific items in this order, you will eventually reach the final level and obtain the Chainsaw.


Q: Can I obtain Gardening Tools from sources other than Gardening Toolboxes?
A: Yes, you can also find Gardening Tools from Simple Brown Boxes, Green Boxes, and the Shop.

Q: Do I need to merge the Gardening Tools in a specific order?
A: Yes, you need to follow the merging chain provided to reach level 14 and obtain the Chainsaw.

Q: Are there any other rewards for completing the merging chain?
A: Yes, for completing the entire merging chain and obtaining the Chainsaw at level 14, you will be rewarded with 10 gems.


Obtaining the Chainsaw at level 14 in the Gardening Tools merging chain requires careful merging and collection of specific tools. By obtaining Gardening Tools from various sources like Gardening Toolboxes, Simple Brown Boxes, Green Boxes, and the Shop, you can gradually merge the tools and progress through the levels. Remember to follow the merging chain and combine the specific items in the correct order to reach level 14. Completing this chain not only grants you the powerful Chainsaw but also rewards you with 10 gems, providing an added incentive to complete the merging process.

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