Millistar Raiders: SuperPlanet starts pre-registration for its new idle RPG

Millistar Raiders, the newest Idle game from Super Planet, is now open for pre-registration. In this idle role-playing game, a group of ordinary people goes on an adventure to save the world. Players take on the role of captains, and their main goal is to finish the stages while helping the villagers get stronger and beat Devildom.

Millistar Raiders has a system for captains and heroes to grow together

In Millistar Raiders, the player takes on the role of the captain. His job is to find 13 villagers and turn them into great heroes. The unique thing about this game is that it has another system where both the captain (the player) and the heroes need to get stronger. The captain’s growth will also have a big effect on the heroes. Take advantage of the “hyperinflationary” growth by using this system of captains and heroes that both grow over time.

Enjoy unique art style, play modes, and various Dad jokes

Every character’s skill name is a perfect match for who they are. For example, Granny’s most important skill is Tastes exactly like Granny’s when she acts friendly. Also, Millistar’s unique characters and art style keep players interested and encourage them to take their adventures to new heights. Check it out, especially because it’s fun to see how the names and clothes of the characters change as they grow up.

MilliStar Raiders Trailer

Surprisingly, this independent game has two ways to play: Landscape and Portrait. For the Captain’s convenience, the game works on a variety of devices, knows how the player moves and can be freely rotated. In Landscape mode, players can see how good the Raiders are at what they do. Millistar Raiders can be signed up for ahead of time on both Android and iOS.

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