In October, COD Mobile Zombies will be back in the Global version.

The Call of Duty games has always been popular because of the Zombies mode. Call of Duty Mobile is the same as that in every way. The many different game modes in COD Mobile help to make the overall gaming experience better. There are a few modes in the game that can only be played for a short amount of time.

One of these modes, zombie mode, was added to the game for the first time last year, but it was taken out on March 25, 2020. The much-anticipated COD Mobile Zombies mode, on the other hand, will be back in the next global edition, and developers say that gamers will also be able to play this version in the October update.

Where did the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode go?

Call of Duty Mobile players liked the COD Mobile Zombies Mode a lot. It was interesting enough that most of the players paid attention to it. The mode was based on survival instincts, and a squad had to stay alive while AI-controlled zombies came at them in waves.

The rewards went up in jumps based on how long a group of people stayed alive against the zombies. This mode was taken from the main Call of Duty games and changed. But in March, it was taken out of the game for an unknown amount of time. In the February community update, it was made clear that the removal was for real.

Zombies mode is back in COD Mobile at last

The developers have finally said that this famous mode will be back in the next update for the COD Mobile Global version. The Zombies mode came back to the CN version of COD Mobile in March 2021.

After a short time in the 2019 Raid mode, the Japanese Zombies map will soon be back in Call of Duty Mobile. It goes without saying that the return of Zombies to Call of Duty Mobile will have a big effect on the game’s many players.

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