How to level up fast in Bermuda Adventures

How to Level Up Fast in Bermuda Adventures – Tips and Tricks for Success

Are you a new player in Bermuda Adventures? Are you struggling to level up fast as you try to complete the game’s many challenges and collect all of your friends’ characters? If so, you’re not alone. Many players struggle with these aspects of the game until they get the hang of it. Fortunately, there are ways to get through the early levels faster and achieve higher levels in fewer attempts. Regardless of which character you choose, here are some tips and tricks that will help you level up fast in Bermuda Adventures:

How to Level Up Fast in Bermuda Adventures?

Leveling up fast in Bermuda Adventures is all about collecting characters. Characters are used to expand your island, which allows you to collect more tokens. There are 10 characters in the game, and each one gives you an advantage in certain areas.

The best way to level up fast is to collect these characters by completing challenges in the game. Each island has different challenges associated with it. Completing these challenges allows you to earn tokens, exp (experience points), and characters. The more tokens you get, the more you can expand your island and collect more revenue to level up faster.

Run Through the Game’s Tutorial

There are tutorials for many different games, and Bermuda Adventures is no exception. Though you might think that you don’t need instructions to navigate your own game, it’s worth your time to run through the tutorial. While you might have a good intuitive grasp of how to play, the tutorial will also teach you about the rewards you can earn for completing levels successfully.

This can make it much easier to level up fast. By quickly running through the tutorial, you’ll be able to build up your knowledge of the game’s basics and gain a good grasp of the strategies you’re going to want to employ as you try to level up fast.

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Speed up With Passes

When you first play the game, you may notice that every level comes with a timer. If you don’t complete the level before the timer runs out, you’re forced to restart it. To avoid this frustration, you can purchase a pass that sets your timer to 9 hours.

This means that you have 9 hours to finish the level. It’s available for 20 Bermuda Dollars, so it’s not exactly cheap. However, there are a few ways that you can get around this. If you have a friend who plays the game, you can ask them for a free pass.

There is also a daily pass that you can claim every 24 hours. While passes are expensive, it’s worth using them as frequently as possible. This way, you can speed up your progress and avoid having to spend too much time on each level. As a result, you’ll level up faster and be able to unlock more characters and bonuses through the game.

Use Your Characters’ Unique Abilities

Each of the characters you meet in Bermuda Adventures has a special ability that can make their levels easier to complete. For example, veterinarian Dagmar has a pet scanner that can find hidden characters on the level. Likewise, the astronomer Stella can see how long a level will take to complete.

This makes it easier to plan your strategy and get out of the level as fast as possible. While they can make the game much easier, they can only be accessed when you finish a level with three stars. As a result, you may want to put off completing these levels until you have a few characters leveled up to the max.

This way, you can quickly achieve three stars on those levels and unlock their abilities. By then, you can use these abilities to make the game much easier.

Bermuda Adventures how many islands?

There are currently three islands available in Bermuda Adventures, and they are unlocked as you level up in the game. The first one is available when you start playing, but the other two are only unlocked at higher levels. How many islands you have is determined by your player level.

At lower levels, you only have one island available. At higher levels, you unlock more islands. The maximum number of islands you can have at once is three.


Bermuda Adventures is a fun game for kids and teens. As you play, you can collect a variety of characters and expand your island to earn more tokens. To level up fast, you should complete challenges to collect as many characters as possible. If you’re new to the game, these tips and tricks will help you level up faster and enjoy the game more.

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