How To Get Landscaping in Merge Mayor

You’ll need landscaping to build buildings in Merge Mayor. This guide will explain how to get landscaping in Merge Mayor so you can construct everything necessary for a happier population.

What is Landscaping?

Landscape items are made by the Farm Animals generators. It is the act of decorating your city using plants and gardens. You can use the landscaping tool to add green space to your virtual city.

Landscaping will increase your city’s happiness rating. It is important that your city is happy, as unhappy citizens will decrease the city’s income. The more green space in a city, the more people enjoy it. You can even build parks for your citizens to spend time in after work.

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How to get Landscaping in Merge Mayor?

You need to merge 2 max fruit carts to get a Loaded Wheelbarrow. Loaded Wheelbarrow gives you fruits, eggs, and wood. When you combine the eggs, you get Farm Animals. After a certain level, you get a goat. Tap the goat to get Manure, which you can combine with other materials to make landscaping items.

How do you get Wheelbarrow in Merge Mayor?

A wheelbarrow is a tool for gardening that lets you grow fruits, wood, and eggs. You have to level up your Farmers Cart until it turns into a Loaded Wheelbarrow before it will start giving you eggs, fruits, and wood.

The wheelbarrow will be added to your tools after you’ve unlocked the landscaping feature. You can tap the wheelbarrow icon to see your available tools. Once you’ve tapped the wheelbarrow, drag it over to your landscaping tools. Tap the wheelbarrow again to select it. You can now use the wheelbarrow to generate fruits, wood, and eggs.

How do you combine Eggs in Merge Mayor?

Eggs can be made from higher-level Farmer’s Goods, and Farm Animals can be bought in the Shop. Farm animals leave behind manure, which can be used to make Landscaping items or, if you wait a short time, up to three flies.

To get eggs, you’ll need chickens. Chickens need water, food, and a place to live. You can tap the animal icon to open up the animal panel. Once open, tap the chicken icon to see what it needs. You’ll need to provide it with food and water. To get the chicken, you’ll need to place the coop. The coop holds up to 4 chickens.


Merge Mayor is a city-building simulation game that puts you in the role of a city mayor. Your job is to manage the city and its inhabitants by upgrading the town, adding services, and dealing with crises. You’ll need landscaping to build these structures. This article explains how to get landscaping in Merge Mayor game.

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