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[Full] Nobody After Death Walkthrough

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The new Operation 12 “Overdraft” for Nobodies: After Death will test your hidden object skills. There are 12 difficult operations to finish. Each one takes place in a different place and has different puzzles to solve. Also, the developer makes two different games with the same gameplay but different worlds to explore.

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In the first game, you play as a murder cleaner who is hired to remove clues, blood stains, and other evidence from the crime scene. In the second game, you have to find hidden objects and solve tricky puzzles to get rid of the dead. Puzzle games aren’t always easy to solve, so we made a Nobodies: After Death Operation 12 Walkthrough Guide to help you.

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Nobody: After Death Operation 12 Walkthrough – Overdraft

In Nobodies: After Death Level 12, the agency has found strange withdrawals from different accounts that point to Nova Targets. All of these withdrawals came from a man’s YTS Bank branch in Toronto. You have to go to the bank, look for things that are hidden, and use them to solve hard puzzles. You can also read the Nobodies: After Death Overdraft Walkthrough Guide to find all the answers and solutions.

Nobody: After Death Walkthrough
  • First, pick up the Screwdriver from the floor and head to the door, where you’ll find a Bag of Lime and a Fire Extinguisher.
  • To take off the car’s Side Mirror, use the Screwdriver from the list.
  • Tap the elevator and go into the bank to look for things that are hidden there.

Walk into the Bank

  • Tap the second counter when you enter the bank to find the Letter Opener. Before you leave, don’t forget to get the Tape Dispenser.

Parking Area

  • Tap the blue car in the parking lot, and then open your inventory to put the Letter Opener and the Bag of Lime together to make the Lame of Powder.
  • Now, choose the Lame of Powder and use the Tape Dispenser to tap the back window of the car to get the fingerprints from the mirror.

Go back to the bank.

  • To get into the Bank, take the elevator, open your inventory, and choose “Copy Fingerprint.” Then, tap the device next to the red door to open it.

Places You Can’t Go

  • Tap the red door to get to the “Restricted Area,” and then use the fire extinguisher on your list to open the laser lights that protect the alarm system.
  • Go to your list, pick the Tape Dispenser, and combine it with the Side Mirror to make a Taped Mirror.
  • Now, pick the Tape Mirror from the list and use it to send lasers to the left.

Locker Room

  • Tap the area behind the laser lights to get into the room. On the left side of the room is a Locker, and on the right side is an office.

Walk into the meeting room

  • You can get into the Meeting Room through the door on the right side. You need to get the Electrical Cord from under the table and the Box Cutter from the table.
  • To find a hard drive, you have to open the cabinet drawer under the whiteboard and the first-aid box to get the stethoscope.
  • Get the keys to the locker from the door between the Meeting Room and the locker.
  • First, open your inventory and use the Screwdriver to open the hard drive to get to the magnet. Second, use the box cutter to cut the cord that goes to the plug. Third, put the magnet and the electrical cords that have been stripped together and get the key from the table.
  • Use the key to open the door and walk through it to get into the room.

Learn about the Office

  • Tap the box on the table when you get to the office and try to make the numbers look like the dates 06-03-94 and 05-02-94.
  • Put the paper shreds in your inventory and look for more things.
  • Tap the left monitor to find the Video Tape, which you can add to your inventory.
  • Then, use the Letter Opener and the cord with the magnet to pull the two things apart (Magnet and Electrical Cord).
  • Now, put the magnet back in the hard drive and tap the wall-mounted vault.
  • To get into the vault, set the rings up like in the picture below.
  • Then, go to the vault and get the key and the passport. Add them to your list.
  • Don’t forget to take the dead person from the chair and put them in your car before you leave the room.
  • Next, tap the PC on the table and go to your inventory to find the username and password from the passport. But first, you have to analyze it to get the username for the passcode (3749).
  • Now, scroll up the screen to find the username (Friz Juan) and the number next to the name (1051).
  • Open your list again and click the analyze button to look through the paper shreds for a passcode (040794) that will open the locker.

Get out of the Office

  • Tap “Back” to leave the office, “Locker” on the left, and “Security Device” to go to the security device.
  • Put in the code (040794) to get into the locker and look for a file.

Go to the Locker.

  • Get into the locker, look in your inventory for the key, and then open the locker (1051). You’ll find a trunk inside.
  • You can’t pick up the trunk until you put any of the items you’ve found back where they belong. So, go to the meeting room, pick up the Box Cutter, and put it on the table.
  • Now, go into the locker room and get the trunk. Put the dead body in the trunk. Next, move the Bag of Lime and Passport from the list to the trunk by dragging them there.
  • Then, put the trunk back where it was and use the key to close the locker.
  • Leave the locker and go into the office to put the things back where they were.
  • Go to the Meeting Room and put the Power Cord, the Hard Drive, and the Stethoscope back where they belong.
  • Now, leave the meeting room and go to the office to keep the paper shreds in the box and the tape in the computer.
  • When you leave the office, use the key to lock the door and leave the keys on the table.
  • Hit the “Back” button to get the mirror back into your inventory, then go to the hall where your goal is to keep the tape dispenser and box cutter on counters 1 and 2. Don’t forget to throw the key away before you leave the area.
  • To solve the puzzle, go to the parking area, pick up the mirror, and put it on the car. Put the screwdriver on the floor, and leave the fire extinguisher where it was.

The Nobodies: After Death Walkthrough Guide is now over.

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