Destiny Girl’s half-year anniversary is celebrated with themed events and great rewards

Destiny Girl, a mobile fantasy girl idle RPG game, has started to celebrate its half-year anniversary. From September 16 to October 7, 2022, players can now sign in every day to get up to 210 drawings. By joining the half-anniversary party, they can win a lot of great prizes. The best gift and the most wonderful experience.

Take part in the half-anniversary events for a chance to win great prizes

For this anniversary, you can sign up to get recruiting tickets, and there are also two themed events: Bunny Girl Puzzle and Sharpshooter. Half-Anniversary coins can be earned by doing tasks every day. If you solve the Bunny Girl Puzzle, you can get 20 Light and Dark Recruitment Tickets.

When the [Sharpshooter] event is on, Captains can choose a reward to be the first prize on each floor. To get the award, you must fire once with half of your anniversary coins. If you win the first prize, you can move on to the next floor.

As part of the Half-Anniversary Training event, there is a new adventure level and a recruitment achievement task. If you reach the goal, you’ll get a large number of Recruit Tickets and Train materials as rewards. The rewards for guild boss, super arena, lost garden, and bounty quests will also go up, and there will be a new lucky cat event.

Two popular Thai broadcasters, Jackfruit and Misaki, used to support battle broadcasting, which was full of surprises and perks, like a lot of Recruitment Tickets. Install the game right away and type in the name of the gift code shown in the picture above. You might be eligible to get 10 free drawings.

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