Dark City Munich walkthrough

Dark City: Munich Walkthrough Guide

What is Dark City Munich?

Friendly Fox Studio made the adventure, hidden object, and single-player puzzle video game Dark City: Munich, which is also called Dark City 2: Munich (F2P). It’s mostly a point-and-click and puzzle game that takes place in a magical world where your goal is to find hidden objects. You can solve tricky puzzles that lead to the end by using the items. Many Mini-games are available; each comes with unique requirements to complete. It’s the best way to have fun if you like mysteries, puzzles, and games that make you think.

Prepare to dive into the story, which has a unique plot. You start out as a detective who needs to find clues, solve mysteries and get to the end. When you play the game, you can use your skills and ability to notice things to get to the end. Without thinking like a detective, it’s almost impossible to find answers. By solving great puzzles and playing mystery minigames, you can see beautiful landscapes. You’ll have a lot of fun, thanks to a great journey, a lot of items, complicated scenes, thirty different places, and unique puzzles.

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Adding exciting sound effects could also take your gaming to the next level. When you play the game, you may run into bad creatures that try to stop you from solving hard puzzles. However, if you solve riddles, you may be able to get rid of these creatures and safely reach your goal. Read what NPCs say to find out what your goals are, and keep in mind what you need to do to reach them. The game doesn’t give you any clues about what to find next. In short, it all comes down to how good you are at being a detective and solving puzzles.

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Become a detective in the story

Two characters talk to each other to start the story. The mayor of Munich has hired a detective to look into reports that a werewolf has been attacking people in the area. Before going back to the Mayor, the detective must check out the area again and again to find more clues. At first, the major sent the detective a threat letter with a few clues, like bloodstain and claws.

Dark City Munich Walkthrough

It starts with two hands and a musical instrument and ends when the instrument breaks. It takes you to a thrilling environment in the Circus, where you have to explore different areas, interact with objects, find items, solve puzzles, and play minigames to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.


At the beginning of the game, two possible locations are shown, one of which is the Bonus Chapter. You have to start with the Main Chapter and finish it before you can play the Bonus Chapter.

  • First, tap the person on the horse to get a Broken Cane and add it to your list.
  • Second, open the seat to find a purse. Inside the purse are a Note, a Map, and a Dairy.
  • Third, tap the clue book on the left and open it to keep things like Case, Suspects, Victims, Clues, and Witness.
  • Fourth, go to your inventory and move all of the items to the diary by dragging and dropping them.
  • Fifth, go to the Dairy and get the Cane handled. Write it down.
  • Go to your inventory and combine the Broken Cane and the Cane Handle to make a Complete Cane.
  • After you fix the Cane, leave the Cart and go to the Stage. If you use the Cane there, it might help you lift the Curtain.

Check out the Scene

Now that you’re on the stage, your goal is to tap the “Dressing Door” to unlock it and see what’s going on inside.

  • When you look through the hole, you’ll see a dead body, and the game will give you a new goal: Get into the Dressing Room and help the victim.
  • Tap the lock button to collect, then press the back button. Hit the box near the ladder to find the second button from the key, then click on the back.
  • Get the box on the right and take the Pliers from the top of it.
  • To open the box, you have to pick both buttons and put them on it. Before you do that, you have to set them to Sad and Smile.
  • When you open the box, you’ll find a minigame where you have to find hidden objects that match the names at the bottom of the screen.

Find Hidden Objects

  • Once you figure out the puzzle, you need to go to the box near the ladder on the left side and use the Pliers to pull the Key tail out.
  • Tap the mirror to break the circuit, then take the knob from the board above. Tap all the handles to turn on the lights, and then go to the other areas to find the hidden objects.
  • Then, click on the dressing table to get the knob. Put that knob and the one you already have in your inventory in the drawer to open it.
  • Pick up the magnifying glass, scissors, and two masks from the drawer once it is open.

Get Statue

  • Next, get up from the dressing table and tap on the face of the statue on the left. Tap things on the face, like the hands, nose, and other parts, to finish the mask and pick it up.
  • Use the Scissors to cut the cloth off the statue and get the Fabric and the fourth handle of the circuit box.
  • Place it on the left side of the ladder near the circuit to turn on the light connection in another area.
  • After that, go up to the second floor and look out the window to find the werewolf’s hands. Move the curtain out of the way and look for the third Mask.

Change of clothes

  • Go to the vanity and put all of the masks in the mirror. Now, move the masks so that the shadows match up. This will let you open the second drawer and get a Tweezer and the key.
  • Use the key to open the dressing room’s lock and find the minigame. The goal is to turn the disk so that there are slots for each mask at the same time.

Room for Changing

  • Now that you’ve solved the puzzle, you’re in the Dressing Room, where you’ve found a dead body. Your goal is to look at the body for clues and use them to solve more puzzles.
  • You have to find a broken vase, a torn necklace, a lost shoe, and a pair of scissors.
  • Next, you have to find the Attacker’s Paw Prints, Claw Marks, and the Victim’s Handprints.
  • Tap the victim’s hand to find more clues and find out what happened. After talking to a man, you’ll get medicine that you need to give to the woman’s character to keep her from dying.
  • Next, take the Bolt from Dr. Richard’s hand and put it on your list.
  • Go to the dairy and put things on the page there.
  • Go to Oktoberfest and look for the Suspect. This is the new goal.


Dark City Munich takes you to an exciting world where a werewolf threatens people. No one but the detective could figure out what was going on, so you should jump in to help the detective find hidden objects and clues by solving tricky puzzles.

To move through the plot, you have to complete a number of goals. Also, Dark City Munich Walkthrough Guide will be updated regularly to help you figure out all of the puzzles.

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