amazing bomberman

Bomberman was made into a game with music by Konami for Apple Arcade

Konami renewed an old famous game

This week, Konami will release a new Bomberman game for Apple Arcade. The game will be played to music.

Amazing Bomberman will be playable on August 5, but anyone who loads the game expecting to play it like a classic Bomberman game is in for a surprise. Konami added music to the stages, so they could change based on the song that was playing.

Music will dominate the game

As you play, the songs will change the sounds of the bombs going off and exploding, and the battle time will also change. When a song gets “exciting,” blocks will fall onto the stage. These blocks can be destroyed with bombs to reveal new items. The gameplay video shows that the game is much more dynamic, which could make some Bomberman fans not want to play.

Bomberman can be “blown away” while playing, but since you can always come back, it doesn’t matter much. Konami also added a multiplayer feature that lets up to four players from anywhere in the world compete for the highest score during one song. The Bomberman of the player with the highest score is put in the spotlight, and if another player can blow it up, they will get extra points.

Instead of playing the game, you can also use it for study and work

Amazing Bomberman is a game for people who like to play alone. It has a variety of missions to complete and customization items to collect. Also, since this is an Apple Arcade game, you don’t have to worry about ads or DLC. You get the full game to play whenever you want. If you want to listen to the music without playing the game, Konami put up a “music for study and work” video on YouTube with 29 minutes of Amazing Bomberman tracks.

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