A town on Avesta

Happy new year everyone! I know.. I know.. it is way too late saying this… The question that keeps us all busy is when will SEED Pioneers be available?

Are you someone that likes writing about the MMO Seed, the idea’s behind Seed or what happens in the community or anything you come up with that relates to Seed? Than the Sapling Network is looking for you!

Seedlings at work

It is time to launch the second news network in the world of Seed. With the (semi-public) alpha coming next year its time to dig deep and write about all the stories already told, and those stories that will develop in the promising future of Seed.

As many of you guys and girls already now is that SEED community member Roekies is explaining the ins and outs of SEED on his YouTube channel. Make sure you have a look at these video’s!

Seed Pioneers

There it was, Wednesday 23th of October 2019. A milestone for Klang Games. An announcement of an announcement. What could it be? was the big question that got people wake up in the SEED Discord from their winter sleep. It was the announcement a lot of people where waiting for!