The big Terraformer

What is Seed and how does it work?

In the Seed discord these questions comes back a few times; what is Seed? and when can I play it?! I’ll try to explain what the game is, what we already know and what the future of Seed holds.

Let’s start at the beginning. Development of Seed began a few years ago by entertainment and development studio Klang based in Berlin. The main focus of Klang is on the future exploration of humanity through Seed, which is an amazing topic not yet shown through an MMO. The idea is pretty awesome; one big virtual world that simulates the daily life of Seedlings which are rebuilding their future on a new planet.

What or who are Seedlings? They only have a different naming in this world but are still human. The Seedlings have real emotion and aspirations which will be controlled by us, the players. But beware, the Seedlings have a mind of their own…

The big virtual world will have a real player-driven economy and is entirely sandbox. There is already a name for the planet the Seedlings will live on; Avesta. Avesta has two moons, multiple seasons and is 1200 light-years from Earth!

Avesta plains

When can I play Seed?

The current status is simple. The game is in a pre-alpha state and only internal play-test for developers, friends, and family are being organized. That means no playable version of the game for us. The current planning tells us there is an alpha coming somewhere in 2020.

The alpha will be a specially organized play-test that will be available for those who are in one of the formed groups(also called factions) in the Seed discord. The idea of the alpha is that groups of people will land on Avesta and try to maintain the much-needed terraformer that keeps the planet habitable! You can find more information about this alpha called Seed Pioneers in the earlier written blogs called Mission Pioneers here and on the official website of Seed Pioneers

Future settlement on Avesta

While we don’t know much about Seed and how everything works, we do know the games future is wide and open.

Links to more information

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