March Edition of FAQ

20 FAQ’s During SEED AMA’s – March Edition

A lot of questions are being repeated during the AMA sessions on the SEED Discord. So to achieve some kind of high-level overview, here are some of the most frequently asked questions of the AMAs! Every month I will look for 20 questions that I see regularly being repeated.

If you want to see all AMA Q&A’s go to this document made by Discord user ProblematicMan. He collected all Q&A’s from the AMA sessions!

Before you continue; I have looked at questions that are commonly asked. Join the SEED discord for more information. Furthermore, SEED is in pre-alpha state which means that everything below is subject to change!

Q: how long is a day in seed in real-time?
A: Currently this is set to one hour.

Q: What will be the price of the game? Will it have a subscription modal?
A: Nothing sure about this yet!

Q: What happens when all your seedlings die?
A: When all seedlings die you will receive two new seedlings from Seed Industries.

Q: How is combat going to work in seed?
Pretty RTS like, you select a character and tell them to shoot at something. They will be able to have all kinds of equipment.

Q: Will there be options for both close range and long-range combat?
A: Yes! And different types of weapons each with their range

Q: Will we be able to delegate seedlings to military or civil defense duties, where they could possibly be under command of another player
A: Yes, that is the idea!

Q: Can the non-militarist forego defense and focus in on trade or are you guided into a defense of at least a minimal level?
A: Yes, war will be expensive and bloody and should always be the last resort.

Q: Will it be notably easier to defend a settlement over attacking?
A: Defending will be easier yes – otherwise everyone will just mindlessly attack all the time.

Q: Will there be Biochemical weapons and will we be able to make Poison?
A: Yes, but later in later stages of development.

Q: Will seedlings only ever be injured through combat or wild animals, or will seedlings sometimes have accidents and hurt themselves?
A: Yes, they can critically fail when doing stuff and injure them selves while for ex chopping a tree, also if you dont maintain your machines they can start becoming faulty and can injure a seedling working on them

Q: Is there going to be a large assortment of tanks etc?
A: In the future there might be!

Q: Are players going to be coming up against land limitations a lot?
A: This should be a factor but more around land domination rather than space needs as the plan is to make the planet incredibly large.

Q: How will religion and culture affect seedlings?
A: The developers are hoping players will come up with ways to role-play this!

Q: Is art a thing in the game?
A: Seedling will perceive beauty so letting your seedlings make art should be fairly straight forward.

Q: Will there be any natural disasters that will happen like an earthquake?
A: Currently no plans for natural disasters.

Q: Will our seedlings have parties for things like birthdays or holidays?
A: Yes!

Q: If you built up a city but decided to leave it, how would the buildings left behind be affected?
A: They would disappear over time because of lack of maintenance.

Q: Will parks and public gardens be a thing in towns?
A: Yes if you want to make your seedlings happier!

This was it for the March edition of the most FAQ’s. A new most FAQ’s edition will arrive in April.

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