February Edition

20 FAQ’s During SEED AMA’s – February Edition

A lot of questions are being repeated during the AMA sessions on the SEED Discord. To achieve some kind of high-level overview, here are some of the most frequently asked questions of the AMAs! Every month I will look for 20 questions that I see regularly being repeated.

If you want to see all AMA Q&A’s go to this document made by Discord user ProblematicMan. He collected all Q&A’s from the AMA sessions!

Before you continue; SEED is in pre-alpha state which means that everything below is subject to change!

Q: Is it possible to put businessmen in charge of our colony?
A: Potentially, anyone could become a colony leader through elections. (if these exist in your colony ;-))

Q: Will it be possible for a company to be ‘powerful/successful’ not only in your colony but around the entirety of Avesta?
A: Yes this will be possible.

Q: Can political conflict happen between players inside the same colony?
A: Yes!

Q: Will there be mechanics of different foods?
A: Large variety of foods. Also, Seedlings may get bored of eating certain things.

Q: Will cannibalism be an option? – maybe even a way of life?
A: That might be a trait that some seedlings are born with or develop. Not sure yet.

Q: Is world domination achievable?
A: According to the developers ‘ anything is possible‘.

Q: Is it possible to put a military dictatorship?
A: Yes, this will be possible.

Q: Will seedlings age? And if so, how much would this affect them?
A: Yes, there is a full life cycle.

Q: New people often ask which game(s) are like Seed, what would Klang recommend as an answer to that?
A: Nothing really like it. But it’s a mashup of EVE, Sims and Rimworld.

Q: How old have a seedling to be in order to be controllable by the user?
A: The devs haven’t really determined a certain age, but if it were only up the devs you’d get more agency over Seedlings as they grow older

Q: If your seedlings ARE all related, how will finding marriage partners work?
A: You need to get into relationships with seedlings from other players.

Q: Will we be allowed to reserve family names and keep them once we play a beta/alpha?
A: The developers think this could be a good idea, but nothing sure yet on this one!

Q: Can we clone seedlings?
A: There will be a way of recovering Seedlings, the devs have been looking at cloning, but nothing has been finalized.

Q: Will we be able to trade and steal technology from other colonies/nations?
A: Yes!

Q: Will there be any sort of “fog of war” type thing to prevent me from spying on nearby cities?
A: There will be some sort of fog of war, but the developers haven’t figured out what is the best way to implement that yet.

Q: Can we achieve immortality?
A: Developers are not sure yet, but there will be ways to keep seedlings alive longer.

Q: Will there be a pool of diseases/disorders for the seedlings? OCD.. stuff like that
A: Yes!

Q: Can we improve our bodies with some bionics?
A: Nothing designed anything in regards to that, but the devs think it’s likely that they will.

Q: Would we be able (sometime along the road) to transport items/people using air travel? Such as airplanes and helicopters
A: Vehicles are a thing yes! Travel is nothing sure yet!

This was it for the February edition of the most FAQ’s. A new most FAQ’s edition will arrive in March. The January edition can be found here.

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