January Edition

20 FAQ’s During SEED AMA’s – January Edition

A lot of questions are being repeated during the AMA sessions on the SEED Discord. So to achieve some kind of high-level overview, here are some of the most frequently asked questions of the AMAs! Every month I will look for 20 questions that I see regularly being repeated.

If you want to see all AMA Q&A’s go to this document made by Discord user ProblematicMan. He collected all Q&A’s from the AMA sessions!

Before you continue; I have looked at questions that are commonly asked. Join the SEED discord for more information. Furthermore, SEED is in pre-alpha state which means that everything below is subject to change!

Q: What does SEED use as server logic?
A: SpatialOS by improbable. But Klang will build on top of this! SEED is programmed in C# (Unity).

Q: Is the world of SEED persistent/continuous?
A: YES! servers will run 24/7…

Q: Will there be a mobile app where I can follow my Seedlings?
A: Hell yeah, but this is something you shouldn’t expect in the near future

Q: What will be the price of the game? Will it have a subscription modal?
A: Nothing sure about this yet!

Q: Is the game multi-lingual?
A: Only English for now. Maybe more in the future.

Q: What is the planet named we are traveling to?
A: Avesta, more info can be found here (Sapling Network) and here (SEED Pioneers official website)

Q: How long is an in-game day IRL?
A: One hour IRL is one day in-game, but this is subject to change.

Q: How will Seedlings be named?
A: You are able to choose the first name of each Seedling, the last name will be always your family name! (which you probably have to choose at the start)

Q: Will there be a currency?
A: Yes, there will be a currency. The Economy is on the drawing board, so expect more info on this in the future.

Q: Is there a tech tree?
A: Sure thing there will be some sort of tech tree/technological advancement. However, this is still on the drawing board. Most likely new tech will be added during the development of SEED.

Q: Do you start with multiple Seedlings?
A: Yes, the plan for now is two Seedlings.

Q: Can my Seedlings have babies with other players Seedlings?
A: Well yes, but they still have to decide about this tricky scenario. For sure is that you have to meet other players to ‘produce’ more Seedlings!

Q: Is there a maximum of Seedlings you can ‘control’
A: Yes there will be a maximum of ten Seedlings. It’s not sure yet what the mechanic will be for this.

Q: Do Seedlings have a skils/attributes?
A: Yes, Seedlings will have their own skill plans/attributes.

Q: Can my Seedling go to supermarkets and restaurants?
A: Yes, this will be a thing. Seedlings need to get food somewhere.

Q: Are we able to trade in-game?
A: Yes, but still in development. One thing is sure, you’ll need to deliver the goods to each other!

Q: Will there be diseases and such?
A: Yes, already one confirmed. Expect more in the future. So that also means medicines!

Q: Are there combat mechanics?
A: 100 percent yes, there will be wars to fight.

Q: Are we able to design our own buildings?
A: Klang will give us the opportunity to design and build the way we want. We will be given templates which we can use to build, think about it like Lego 😉

Q: What about furniture for in those houses I build?
A: Everything will be player made, so you can use that produced furniture in your building.

This was it for the January edition of the most FAQ’s. A new most FAQ’s edition will arrive in February.

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