Mission Pioneers Episode Three – The Technology

The third and last read in the special series called Mission Pioneers. Short introductions to the long awaited message send by Klang regarding the closed alpha called SEED Pioneers. You can read episode one here and episode two here.

Without sophisticated technology there wouldn’t be long distance travel, no food supplies and no tarvel machine to produce plaxin on Avesta. It’s in the nature of human kind to always develop new technologies. Or as my old school teacher said “we are just inventing new stuff to be lazy“. I’m not entirely agreeing with that. But with some things that are being invented I do..

Our technology, especially designed for life on Avesta, can be seen to be a whole new technocomplex. – SEED Pioneers

Lets have a talk about the technology that is developed by the great people of Seed Industries. They worked on several fronts to enable us in creating new frontiers on planets such as Avesta.

On the left: The kernel. On the right: Geodesic Tent.

The kernel & Geodesic Tent

The first one is known by everyone, the Kernel. It comes with basic inventories, supplies and serves as a basic camp. It will help support exploration and will sustain future generations of Seedlings.

In the first days of our adventures on Avesta we need a roof above our heads. Luckily Seed Industries provides us with a tent. The Geodesic tent brings us warmth and dry clothes all day long.

On the left: Portable Tarlev machine. On the right: Modex Tool

Portable Tarlev machine & Modex Tool

We need plaxin, a lot. So the Portable Tarlev Machine is empowering us to produce it. Well, at least to start with basic amounts of plaxin as it is not a big machine. Hence the Portable. Start cutting wood as the machine uses enzymes to synthesize the wood into plaxin.

Who in the world doesn’t love an omni-tool? Tell me. Our friends at Seed Industries provide us with the Modex Tool. You can use it for harvesting, building, sawing, planting, cutting and environmental detection. We need some Modex Tools right now!

Quito paste!

You what is nice to have when you just landed on Avesta? Some food! Luckily for us they packed some Earth made Quito Paste. According to many its both delicious and nutritious.

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  1. Great article. The series is a great read to give you an update on where things stand. Can’t wait for the next article, keep it up!

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