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The Sapling Network launches

It is time to launch the second news network in the world of Seed. With the (closed) alpha coming next year its time to dig deep and write about all the stories already told, and those stories that will develop in the promising future of Seed.

So, what is Seed?

In short Seed is an upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online game made by Klang Games, an entertainment and game development studio located in the hearth of Berlin. Seed will give us the opportunity to give humankind some sort of second chance on the planet of Avesta, which floats in space at 1200 light years from Earth. That is not your average commute to you daily job or school. You will learn more about Seed when we explain piece by piece what Seed actually is and what it will bring us in the future.

What can we expect from The Sapling Network?

Yes, The Sapling Network. It will not only be a place with the latest news related to Seed and its community but also a place where we want to dive deep into the ocean of information and tell you the stories behind them.

Not only news or in-depth articles but also a place where you are able to find information about the different groups, factions or alliances that are being created in Seed. In the upcoming weeks you can expect some interviews with several leaders of these created groups!

YOU are involved!

Yes, you are invited to write some ‘extra ordinary’ articles (or just normal articles 😉 ) about everything that is related to Seed and its theory. We want The Sapling Network to be community inspired.

So, do you have a story about the machines, animals or the planet Avesta? Or even a story about why we need to leave Earth and go to Avesta? Do not hesitate and write it on a piece of electronic paper and we will give you the opportunity to publish it on the website of The Sapling Network.

That’s it for now, keep an eye on the website and do not forgot to contact us when you feel inspired to tell a story.

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