Seed Pioneers

SEED Pioneers announced

There it was, Wednesday 23th of October 2019. A milestone for Klang Games. An announcement of an announcement. What could it be? was the big question that got people wake up in the SEED Discord from their winter sleep. It was the announcement a lot of people where waiting for!

After months of waiting and begging for news of a possible alpha it is here. Klang announced SEED Pioneers, the (closed) alpha we waited for.

The trailer made by the people ofKlang.

It is amazing to see with what kind of concept Klang came up with to open the doors for the players to meet the Seedlings on planet Avesta. Klang describes it:

As you are all well aware Earth has long since passed its ability to sustain human life. Since the Anthropocene era the demands placed on the terran habitat have become too great. As a result Seed Industries have worked on a number of fronts to allow humanity to continue: from interstellar travel technology, to terraforming harsh terrains, as well as in diverse sectors such as: farming, food, construction, bio-genesis and beyond, we have created the possibilities to open up a new frontier for humanity.

​Pioneers is one of the first deployments on this new home for humanity, it is reconnaissance, it is resource gathering, it is the next stage in human evolution through collaboration and support and dynamic living

Lots of information was immediately thrown on the world wide web as klang shared tons of information about the plans of the Seedling traveling to planet Avesta. It is now up to us players to make this planet habitable for future generations of Seedlings.

In the upcoming series ‘Mission Pioneers’ I will try to explain everything that is being discussed in the announcement. Keep an eye on The Sapling Network!

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