The big Terraformer

Mission Pioneers Episode Two – The Mission

The second read in the special series called Mission Pioneers. Short introductions to the long awaited message send by Klang regarding the closed alpha called SEED Pioneers. You can read episode one here.

In this episode we are going to talk a bit about the goal that Klang gives us during SEED Pioneers.“Fix and maintain the crucial operation of the MX TR 8200” as Klang states on the Seed Pioneers website. It’s all about keeping that big (looks really big huh?) terraforming plant up and running in order to keep giving our seedlings their much needed clean and breathable air. Without clean air life would be a difficult task, agree?

Settlement in SEED with the Kernel on the right side.

The mission

So what does the mission mean? At first we should establish a base settlement to organize a community. As the developers stated in the latest AMA (25-10-’19) on the SEED discord, we should form groups specifically for this prequel so we can work together. This makes it easier for us to keep the terraforming plant up and running. Having war in the prequel isn’t a clever thing to do, right?

Before, and during the initial stage on Avesta we start to organize ourselves. We will gather the much needed resources and kick start our farms. All of this is needed so we can produce the technological, agricultural and social basis from which our settlement(s) will grow. Time has also come to repair, maintain and develop any other terraforming and logistical para-planetary equipment. More about this equipment will be coming in episode three, Technology!

What comes next?

So, the terraformer is steadily running and all equipment ready to use. Everyone happy? Let’s think about the fact that these plants might be needed in the rest of our existence on Avesta? If so, how many of these terraforming plants are needed to keep Avesta livable? Many question stay open and, if we achieve mission success they might get answered by the future generations of seedlings.

Let’s get that terraforming plant up and running first before we open the crate with plaxin..

We talked about The Destination and The Mission.. Next up: Episode Three – The Technology coming next week!

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